The Chicago Street Art Book

A catalog of more than a decade of Chicago Street Art that is part history lesson, part field guide, and part cultural insider wisdom, Chicago Street Art, the book, is offered as a legitimate pictorial text that moves the Street Art practice into the position as an important cultural marker distinctive to a specific city and time. Featuring six short essays from Joseph J. Depre, as well as some words and over 200 full color images from notorious Artists and Photographers of the Chicago Street Art community. This is a MUST HAVE volume for anyone who has wandered, or has wanted to, Chicago’s streets and wondered about the artists who have graced walls with humor, beauty, insight, critique or provocation year after year. The text is designed to get the reader to a place of understanding, appreciation, and co-habitation with these remarkable yet temporary works.

Book Cover

Designed and Edited by: Joseph J. Depre
Photographs from: Oscar Arriola, Chris Diers, Thomas Fennell IV, and Patrick Hershberger

Featured Artists: Nick Adams, Artillery, Blutt, Bonus Saves, Hebru Brantley, Brooks Golden/The 7ist, Cdamage, Juan Angel Chavez, Choke, CLS, Cody Hudson, CRO, Cyro, Don’t Fret, 18 and Counting, 80 legs, Mike Genovese, Goons, The Grocer, Klepto Salem, Melt, Mental 312, Nice-One, Rejoice, Saro, Senor Codo, Sighn, Chris Silva, Chris Uphues, SOLVE, Sonny Rainclouds, SWIV, Tewz, Tiny, Tiptoe, Trampled, The Viking, You Are Beautiful...

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The book Is also available in CHICAGO at Chicago Comics, Uncle Fun, Quimby's BookStore, Myopic Books, and Museum of Contempory Art and EVERYWHERE on Amazon.

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